Inspired by beauty of the natural oak wood, stainless steel and Italian leather we've created collecion of unique furniture which will fulfill Your innermost fantasies. We are carefully selecting each piece of wood, steel and natural leather and combining them to bring out nobility of every product. We are putting our best effort to ensure that every device that is leaving our manufacture is expression of passion and knowledge. We treat every piece of furniture as a individual project. In our manufacture difficulties are chellenges.
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Mikael TheCreator

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Stainless Steel

They achieve their stainless characteristics through the formation of an invisible and adherent Chromium rich oxide film. We use Alloy 347 which is a general purpose austenitic Stainless steel with a face centreed cubic structure. It is essentially non-magnetic in the annealed condition and can only be hardened by cold working. Niobium has been added to suppress grain boundary Chromium Carbide precipitation.


Italian Leather

Made in Italy highly regarded in fashion and design for the beauty of its nuances and its long-lasting strength. It is made of cowhide. Different types of treatments and different parts of the hide result in a great quality product.The tanning methods are natural, using vegetable ingredients. That’s why Italian leather is so resistant, elastic and smooth. There are special nuances that make this kind of leather immediately recognizable and unique.


Oak Wood

Oak wood has a density of about 0.75 g/cm3 creating great strength and hardness. The wood is very resistant to insect and fungal attack because of its high tannin content. It also has very appealing grain markings, particularly when quartersawn. Oak planking was common on high status Viking longships in the 9th and 10th centuries. The wood was hewn from green logs, by axe and wedge, to produce radial planks, similar to quarter-sawn timber.